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Now, from the world’s beauty capital, Beverly Hills, comes an eye-opening exposé of American plastic & cosmetic surgery. An increasingly popular but sometime controversial young specialty.OBAGI: Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

SECRETS OF A BEVERLY HILLS COSMETIC SURGEON is the definitive, insider’s guide to choosing a top specialist, selecting the right procedure, and using a safe facility all at an affordable price.

Dr. Kotler, one of America’s premier cosmetic surgeons and a prominent UCLA teacher, lecturer and author – draws upon his unique 35 year experience and more than 5,000 procedures performed. No co-writer, no ghostwriter required. Because the inner workings of this highly-hyped but little-explained field are best revealed by only those who live within it.

Here are 10 sample (some “hush-hush”) key disclosures. Insider information rarely shared with the public:

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• Why do some celebrities look so bad after cosmetic surgery? What’s wrong with this picture? There are 3 reasons; not just bad luck. And there are lessons here for non-celebrities, too.

• Fees are negotiable—without compromise in quality. You just have to know the ropes. Dr. Kotler lists 5 strategies to save dollars.

• Because of managed care, doctors are fleeing their practices and flooding into cosmetic surgery. Gynecologists, general surgeons. Even some dentists! But re-training is inadequate, inconsistent; not all are qualified. How can you determine who is competent and who is not?

• Prospective patients rarely learn about super-specialists, the doctors at the pinnacle. Trained beyond board certification to earn the skills you want.

• Not all training programs are turning out qualified cosmetic surgeons. Because of economic pressure, overcrowded teaching hospitals now have tiny budgets and little space for cosmetic surgery teaching cases. And if there are few patients on which to practice, how do the young doctors get good enough to operate on you?

• Consultation should not be a high-pressure sales session. Is that free consultation good for the patient or the practice? To be in charge, you must know the important questions to ask. Dr. Kotler lists the 15 Smart Questions to ask the doctor as you interview him.

• You must see many photographically-honest "before and after" images. The doctor’s work, not purchased from a stock album. How else can you know if the doctor produces natural results that would satisfy you? Because you don’t want to see windblown, over-pulled face lifts, too-scooped, too-pinched nose jobs or fake-looking breast implants.

• The surgical facility is just as important as the surgeon. How do you know if the facility is judged safe? Did it pass inspection? Who are the inspectors?

• Not quite ready for the bigger procedures? Want to hear the low-down about less-invasive procedures and skin treatments like Botox or intense pulse light? Dr. Kotler explains the accomplishments and limitations of the 24 most popular.

• Certain prescription, non-prescription and herbal/homeopathic medications can cause serious surgical or anesthesia complications. Like ginko, ginseng or even garlic. Appendix D lists 136 such products!


For the 13 most important cosmetic procedures, an at-a-glance table listing:
• The operating room times.
• Return-to-work (or school) time.
• Stitch removal schedule.
• How many years each procedure typically lasts.
With a clear definition of each - in English - not medical jargon.


A ready-for-photocopy, handy 29 Point Checklist to "check out" prospective doctors and their surgical facilities. It reveals the important questions you might not know to ask. And makes the doctor interview non-intimidating and productive.

SECRETS OF A BEVERLY HILLS COSMETIC SURGEON is not a tattler's memoir. Nor a technical manual describing plastic surgery. It is a how-to manual. How to be a smart consumer, how to get the best result—safely and economically.

An easy read. Clear, sharp, entertaining with 53 before and after photographic case histories. Peppered with touching patient letters to Dr. Kotler. Commentaries from leaders in the field. And witticisms from those high-visibility divas of cosmetic surgery: Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller. On the light side, the best of The New Yorker’s cartoons, poking fun at both plastic surgeons and their patients.

Because cosmetic surgery is the greatest, but only when done well!