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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Dr. Zein Obagi, MD, is the founder of OMP, and is an expert on skin resurfacing through the use of chemical peels and medical skin care products. He pioneered the concept of Skin Health Restoration and invented the Obagi System, including Nu-Derm and Blue Peel. He is a Diplomat at the American Board of Dermatology, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Obagi has dedicated his career to the concepts of Skin Health Restoration and facial rejuvenation techniques - all in an effort to restore skin to burn victims, alleviate skin cancer, prevent skin diseases, and maintain healthy skin indefinitely. In practice since 1981, he maintains an office in Beverly Hills. Chat with Zein Obagi about skin care.

Dr. Zein Obagi, MD chats online and answers skin care questions:

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Covignton, TN: What is the best anti-aging ingredient to use on your skin other than sun-screen?

Zein Obagi: The best on the market is still Retina

Mt. Pleasant, SC: Dr. Obagi, I have mild rosacea and am currently using MetroLotion. What types of cleansing and makeup products should I use on my face? It seems like the current trend is scrubs and cleansing cloths. These are much too rough on my skin.

Zein Obagi: I have a different approach. I feel it is a major problem, and it's my strong belief that just depending on MetroGel or antibiotics won't solve the problem. You can use the Obaji system, where we also try to restore skin colors. I sometimes consider giving patients Accutane to reverse activity of sebaceous glands. I'd advise using non-oily makeup products.

Houston, TX: I am a 22 year old female and have been battling acne since I was a preteen. I am considering taking Accutane as I am now a professional and find myself embarrassed over the condition of my skin. Is there a better solution that would not put my health at risk?

Zein Obagi: Taking Accutane is a very good treatment if your acne doesn't respond to antibiotics and topical treatments. Accutane will be safe if the patient is healthy, not pregnant and mentally stable. Three of my children have taken it! Using my system and Accutane will rejuvenate the skin.

Charlotte, NC: I'm a 26 young female professional. I would like to begin a skin care regime to try and prevent wrinkles, aging etc. Can you recommend a night cream/anti-aging cream that will keep my skin fresh. I've heard of retina, and have friends who use this. Will this work and where can I find it?

Zein Obagi: Many people have interest in anti-aging treatment; unfortunately many products in over the counter products don't have sufficient wrinkle correcting elements. Look for a doctor using the novel method of restoring younger skin, such as stimulating skin to produce elastin and collagen. Retina is a prescription item. If you want to know more about doctors using our products, you can go to www.obaji.com

New York, NY: Are there any good over the counter acne treatments or cleansers you could recommend? I currently do not have health insurance, and my skin hasn't been the same without Retina and Triaz.

Zein Obagi: In general, acne is a mutifactorial problem. Hormones, glands, pores, and diet all play a role. I encourage you to seek a doctor as soon as possible.

Fairfax, VA: I have the beginning signs of rosacea (flushing and pronounced capillaries). My dermatologist prescribed a topical solution to reduce these conditions, but suggested laser surgery if the medicine didn't work. What are the pro's & cons of laser surgery? Will I develop a more intense case of rosacea?

Zein Obagi: What you are trying to say is that you have broken veins and redness for rosacea, which can be treated with lasers.

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