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The Obagi Program is a flexible program. The Restoration process is the one your skin will undergo on its path to health. Your skin will become smooth, firm with an even, healthy tone. It will function properly and build its tolerance to environmental aggression.

These are three main protocols:
  • Standard. Good correction with minimal stimulation. Longest time to achieve full benefits. Lowest level of reaction.

  • Moderately Aggressive. Very good stimulation and correction. Takes longer to achieve full benefits. Less reaction to creams.

  • Very Aggressive. A very fast and strong approach. Provides maximum stimulation and correction in the minimum amount of time. Highest degree of reaction.

Two additional protocols may be indicated to ease highly sensitive skin into the program:

  • Gradual. A very gentle approach for very sensitive skin. Correction and Stimulation are done twice a week and increase frequency as skin becomes more tolerant.

  • Flexible. Recommended for patients who need to stop occasionally or move from stronger protocols for short periods of time.

Your physician has determined the most appropriate protocol for you based on expert evaluation of your skin's needs and respect for your lifestyle and expectations. The healthier your skin is at the beginning of the Restoration process and the more aggressive the treatment, the faster your skin regains skin health.

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