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Cosmetics and Skin Care

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Cosmetics and Skin Care

You use good skin care products, but your skin still may not be getting the best possible care. Are you overlooking other important issues related to skin care which are having a negative affect on your appearance? Let’s examine the things you need to consider for attaining great skin health.

  • Just as skin care products are geared toward skin type, so are cosmetics. If you are oily, don´t choose products that are described as being "moisture rich or creamy" or are heavy in texture. If you have blemishes to cover, have someone show you some artful covering tricks. If you are dry, don´t choose products that are described as being "oil-absorbing or matte" or are very light in consistency.

  • Choosing cosmetics because they work for your friend, sister, the model on the magazine cover does not guarantee it is your best strategy. No matter how many times you have heard this, the truth just doesn’t change. Everyone´s skin type is different. Address your individual skin needs.

  • Sharing cosmetics with your friend, sister, or mother? Everyone has their own normal flora (aka bacteria) that co-exist with us on our skin. By sharing cosmetics (especially eye products) with someone else, you are setting yourself or her up for infectious diseases. Buy yourself a cute cosmetic bag and fill it full of goodies meant for you.

  • Depending upon your foundation or powder to provide adequate sun protection? Most cosmetics contain SPF of no more than 15. During a day of wear, makeup fades, slides off, or is powdered off. Think about it. Sunscreen needs to be worn every day, and most women do not wear makeup every day. What kind of protection is your skin getting on the days off? Also, I don´t know anyone who wears makeup on her neck, ears, or chest area. And some women only use cosmetics as spot coverage, not even applying them evenly across the face. M.D. Forte Aftercare Environmental Protection Cream SPF 30 and Peter Thomas Roth Ultra Lite Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30 are my favorites because they benefit any skin type.

  • Are you sleeping in your makeup? Your skin is constantly emitting oils and toxins that need to be removed. By leaving makeup on for 24 hours, these substances remain in close continuous contact with your skin, clogging pores, and possibly feeding bacteria hiding in your oil glands. At the bare minimum, make sure you cleanse nightly.

  • Do you tend to run out of your prescription skin medications? Allowing your skin to go without these necessary products only helps aggravate the problem you are trying to keep away. Make sure you check your meds periodically and reorder before they´re empty.

  • Constantly re-powdering? Oily skin does not disappear because a new coat of powder is applied. By layering more powder on top of existing powder, oil and dirt are trapped next to the skin, and pores become clogged. This can cause blemishes. Try applying an oil-absorbing product like Clinac O.C. before your foundation, instead.

  • Not routinely cleansing cosmetic applicators? Sponges, puffs, and brushes all need cleansed, even if the cosmetics are only being applied to a clean face. Surface oils and bacteria are transferred to your make-up tools. I recommend using a gentle antibacterial cleanser on your cosmetic tools once a week.

If you are guilty of any of the above, you may notice a huge improvement with a few simple changes. Follow these tips and use good sense when it comes to your beauty products, and you should find yourself with better skin than ever.

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter. I hope you have found it informative

Michelle Occhipinto
Senior Esthetician, Inc.

(Any topic discussed in the this newsletter is not intended as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please check with your doctor.)

Article posted January 20, 2001.
Article revised November 4, 2001

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