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How to Take Care of Dry Skin

At this time of the year, dry skin is often a problem. Derma-tologists and skin specialists have plenty of advice on the subject, but these are some of the main issues to look at.

If your home or office is overheated, you will find your skin becomes dry and scaly. So try and keep it as cool as possible.

It is better, the skin experts say, to wear warmer clothes in a cooler environment rather than heating the air.

Another good tip is to avoid hot showers or baths as well as bubble baths as these all tend to dry the skin. When towelling don't vigorously rub your skin in an effort to get dry and keep warm. It is better to pat your skin dry so that you leave a bit of moisture behind.

Choice of soaps is also important. In the main glycerine-based soaps are less drying and less irritating to the skin.

Worst drying culprits are dishwashers and household cleaners, so it is best to invest in gloves, but keep a little powder handy to stop the rubber sticking to the skin.

Here are some less expensive ingredients to consider for moisturising the skin.

Oatmeal - two cups of colloidal oatmeal (available at pharmacies) in a bath of lukewarm water will moisten the skin and relieve itching.

Also cold cream and sunflower oil can be used as cleansers followed by a vinegar rinse of one part cider vinegar to half a litre of warm water. This is better than an alcohol-based toner which can dry the skin.

There are certain things you can take to help dry skin conditions. These include two teaspoons of pure almond oil in a cup of warm milk. Not only is this an internal form of calcium and Vitamin E, but it also helps to keep coughs and colds away.

When bathing pour into the water a few drops of camomile, lavender or oat extract. After your bath apply diluted evening primrose oil or aloe vera cream to your body.

Tea tree oil also can penetrate into the skin's cellular level. Put one drop of the oil in your usual day or night creams for extra moisturising effect.

And don't forget exercise in these cold, drying snaps. It benefits the skin, boosts circulation and encourages
blood flow.

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Article posted August 29, 2003.


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